The Project

For several years we have been collecting stories from people around Canada about their play experiences as children. Our goal is to compile a broad database of information about children's play that will be useful to people in many fields. A major intent of our project is to determine how the play of children has developed over time. Plans are to make the results of the study available in printed form and on this website. Essentially, is an ambitious effort to chronicle the play of youth of many generations and in different cultures.

A unique feature of this project is that we are asking participants to help is in extending our network of contacts in order to gather information. We are particularly interested in gathering childhood reflections of people from the same family. A number of people who have done this have found The experience of sharing their recollections of early childhood to be very rewarding. Accordingly, we hope you not only take our questionnaire yourself but that you will also consider asking family members and friends to take part in our study as a piece of their family history..

Dr Gary Pennington

Dr Gary Pennington

Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC

Project Chair and Archivist

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
― Plato


childhood memories archive


To compile a broad and accessible data base of information about the play of children that will be useful to people in many fields



To preserve and embed much of the folk history of play that is rapidly being lost with the passage of time



To demonstrate the basic values of children’s play to parents, teachers, politicians, researchers and others involved in programs and policies for children and youth


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Sechelt Public Library

Gibsons Public Library

Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives